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What is the 'New Klan'?

The 'New Klan' are Influencers of color who consistently use negative statistics to represent other people of color. And whose same talking points are used by white supremacists &/or hate groups.

Individuals of the 'New Klan' are often used by the white supremacists in order to reinforce their own talking points &/or agendas.

New Klan members consistently state only the negative facts and aspects about a particular demographic. And in the cases where members are in positions of power, consistently make rulings &/or judgments that go against a particular demographic (mainly people of color).

It should be said that doing these things does not make a person racist. Neither does expressing a negative opinion, exposing, discussing or stating negative aspects or facts about a particular demographic.

Examples of the New Klan:

Examples of the 'New Klan' members are. Thomas Sowell one if the founders was the first of this 'New Klan'. Larry elder, Jesse lee Peterson, other members are younger. As in the men in the thumbnail. Other member are immigrants from island, African and Latin countries.

They are more than likely conservative but political affiliation is simply a commonality not a knock against Republicans. Usually do not have relationships with black men or women but have every right to their preferences. Have negative views of Jews.

These influencers also rarely present unflattering stats or state negative aspects about Caucasians as a group. They scarcely use the same frequency, consistency and vitriol during their infrequent criticisms against whites. As compared to when they discuss Blacks as a group.

New Klan's motivation:

Human beings are extremely complicated. Their motivations for doing things are no different. Which makes it very difficult to judge a person's motivations.

One reason is because thoughts and true intentions in the mind are unseen. So, unless a person flat out admits they're racist or commits a racist act; all the rest of us can do is go on their word; as well as go by our own perceptions of why they are doing what they're doing.

This of course leads to interpretations. Then misinterpretations, then discourse, then arguments.

Distractors of the 'New Klan' point to the consistent and malevolent ways these members use to repeat negative stats and espouse their negative aspects and views about particular religions and people of color (namely Jews and African Americans).

Distractors also question the motivation of the 'New Klan' by pointing out their lack of action to help rectify the issues that they're constantly repeating.

The Old Klan tactic:

"The black slave, after receiving this indoctrination, shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands."

Unlike the 'Old Klan', This 'New Klan' does not conduct hangings or lynchings or racist mass shootings to express their disdain for a demographic. Rather, these new members use influence, statistic, logic with cloaks of reason on weak minded people. The bulk of these new members exclusively use social media platforms to express their negative view about other groups of color.

White supremacists use blacks and other people of color to spread their ideology without exposing themselves. This is not new. This tactic has been used by white supremacists for centuries so they may say Ah Ha! See! Even a non-white person agrees with me!

The commonalities between 'New Klan' members:

They are mainly Influencers of color are in power as well. They're Politian's, cops, supreme court justices.

They say the n-word (which is supposed to be a term of endearment among African Americans only). and covertly represent themselves as African American when the situation suits them. And miss represent real AAs to other races of people.

The 'New Klan' members indulge in African American culture as far as music and fashion. Yet they consistently speak ill of AAs as a whole. Especially when around other races of people.

They're comedians and actors. They're in the media. They're sports stars.

The New Klan is not white. It is now people of color talking down on and focusing only on the faults of other peoples of color.

If you're white, why talk bad about black people when other blacks do it for you? The 'New Klan' does not lynch or hang like the old Klan. Rather, they use their intellectual abilities as speakers as a form of soft power to influence others. 

Old and 'New Klan' members know the negative statistics about African Americans like the back of their hand. But ask an old or new member to start repeating or to name a positive stat about AAs and you'll get a bunch of met with BS or silence.

Or ask a white supremacist what they are doing to help of fix the issues they're repeating and complaining about an you'll get the same.

And no, the excuse of 'I'm spreading the information' is not helping or solving issues. Negative stats about people of color have been circulating for decades now and are mainly well known.


The most influential white supremacists are no longer white.

Stating or repeating negative stats and aspects about a group of people is a right that all Americans have. Americans also have the right to ask the question why.

Another commonality between the 'Old Klan' and the new, are their negative views of the Jews. So, I thought it appropriate to end with a quote from one.

A quote which encapsulates the use of this new breed of members by the old.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Don’t get your hands dirty with the nitty-gritty details of power. Let others or scapegoats do the work for you. This way, you can distance yourself from any blame.

Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power: 26

So. What do you think of the 'New Klan'? Are they pawns of white supremacists?

This post was inspired by Oshay Duke Jackson's video 'Tariq Nasheed Just Ended Sneako's CAREER!'
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