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Holy Hatred: Unmasking Racism in American Religion

In the tapestry of American religion, there exists a dark thread woven into its fabric—a thread of racism that has too often gone unexamined and unchallenged. Welcome to a riveting exploration of "Holy Hatred: Unmasking Racism in American Religion." Prepare to have your preconceptions shattered as we peel back the layers of this unsettling reality, revealing the underbelly of discrimination lurking beneath the guise of faith.

Interest: Religion, a force that should embody love, compassion, and inclusivity, has at times become entangled with insidious ideologies of racial superiority. This article plunges headfirst into the murky waters where religion and racism converge, unraveling a complex web of historical entanglements, distorted interpretations of sacred texts, and the complicity of religious institutions.

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