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On every social media site in every comment section under every fight video, CCTV robbery, every fight video (particularly when race is involved). You will see someone who has posted the statistic that 'blacks commit 60% of all violent crime despite being only 13% of the population."

Or this post... Black men, are just 6% of the US Population, but commit HALF of all murders (FBI homicide data)

If not that exact post, then something very similar.

Usually posted by white male republicans with conservative views.

Why do black women choose to become prosecutors? Despite the systemic racism against black men in the U.S. Justice System?

Racial disparities in the criminal justice system persistently impact Black men. Here are some key facts:

The Relationship Between Asian Americans, Whites and African Americans

Historical Context

The relationship between Asian Americans and African Americans is multifaceted, shaped by historical events, socio-economic factors, and shared experiences of marginalization and resilience. Here are some key points that highlight different aspects of their relationship.

Civil Rights Movement: During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, there were moments of solidarity between African Americans and Asian Americans. For example, Asian American activists were inspired by the Black Power movement and often stood in solidarity with African American leaders to fight against systemic racism.

Do Asian Americans agree with reparations for African Americans?


What is the 'New Klan'?

The 'New Klan' are Influencers of color who consistently use negative statistics to represent other people of color. And whose same talking points are used by white supremacists &/or hate groups.

Individuals of the 'New Klan' are often used by the white supremacists in order to reinforce their own talking points &/or agendas.

New Klan members consistently state only the negative facts and aspects about a particular demographic. And in the cases where members are in positions of power, consistently make rulings &/or judgments that go against a particular demographic (mainly people of color).

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