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On every social media site in every comment section under every fight video, CCTV robbery, every fight video (particularly when race is involved). You will see someone who has posted the statistic that 'blacks commit 60% of all violent crime despite being only 13% of the population."

Or this post... Black men, are just 6% of the US Population, but commit HALF of all murders (FBI homicide data)

If not that exact post, then something very similar.

Usually posted by white male republicans with conservative views.

Chances are that is not the first time the account owner has posted this stat and an even greater chance that it will not be their last.

But why do they repeatedly post this stat so often? And is it true?

First, yes, the stat is true. Accounting for all states a majority of violent crime is committed by African American males. Whites commit more crime in general but when it comes to violent crime black males commit the most. fbi

But finding out if the stat is true is much easier than answering why it's reposted so often.

For example: If I notice a person who constantly complains about cancer and recites cancer statistics over and over online; at some point I'm going to assume this person really cares about people with cancer and wants to help find a cure for the disease. With this in mind, eventually I'll ask this person, 'what are you doing to help cure the disease?'

Seeing this violent crime stat posted so often makes me question the motivation of the people behind the post.

Why the stat on violent crime is repeated over and over can best be answered by the people who post it of course. But when I have asked the owner of the account why they've posted the stat I was met with no reply, a change of topic, or their own negative view of African Americans.

More times than not, instead of a well thought out response I receive either an angry profanity laced reply, or an attempt to initiate a debate on a completely different topic.

I get a lot of replies about Chicago (even though as of 2023, chi-town is 20th on the list of 'most violent cities in America.' As well as complaints about a "black city" ran by "some democrat."

But the most frequent answer I get to the question is that they're trying to "spread awareness" about the stat. But aren't most people already aware of this stat? I would think so. Being that it's posted so much.

Out of all the replies I've received; the only actual idea I ever got was from one person (after much prodding). Was that he thinks blacks should "vote republican." and that doing so will lower violent crime. He didn't explain how this would work but I was so tired of going back and forth with the guy that I left it at that. But at least I got a tangible idea from him.

Since I can never get a straightforward answer on why whites repeatedly post black violent crime statistics over and over, I have to come up with my own.

Which is that most people are aware of that stat on violent crime. And the people who post it know that most people are aware of it. But continue posting it because it provides them with some sense of superiority.

The people who keep posting that violent crime stat don't care to offer a solution. And only care that it helps to support their argument and beliefs about African Americans. And that they don't care about solving the problem or give a damn about the 90% of victims who are also black. They just repeat the statistic to reinforce the narrative they want to push.

And to do so, all they have to do is simply keep reposting the same stat over and over again.

Statistics are taken to collect data on an issue. This data provides a bases to go by in order to improve the issue. Stats provide an exact description and a better understanding of a problem.

Statistics are not to be repeated over and over again without an understanding of how the stat became. Or collected without an intent to solution to solve the problem (if the stat is negative).

Repeating a statistic does nothing to help solve the problem.

So, the next time you see this stat about violent crime, simply ask the person who posted it. "What are you doing to solve the problem?"

The reply you will never get is their plan to help the solve the problem.

But what do you think? Why do whites post black violent crime stats repeatedly online? Comment below. 👍

My idea to combat violent crime:

'Teaching black men skills that pay bills.' Vocational Training In Minority Neighborhoods. Auto Body, Plumbing, Electrical Training, Welding, Masonry & More! theiconiumfoundation

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