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Is violence against whites a 'thing'? Is violence against whites on the rise? If so, is it fair?

Is violence against whites a 'thing'? If so, is it fair?

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Is violence against whites perpetrated by blacks a 'thing'?

Since the beginning of the 2020s several posts from whites have come to light about whites complaining about black on white violence. "It's out of control." Said one post. "So the government is just going to ignore this? Said another one.

Many posts from whites of kids or teenagers fighting when the white kid is being jumped or assaulted by African Americans have become more prevalent as well. The captions read, 'black on white indiscriminate violence by a coward!'. Or 'More out of control violent against Whites!' Along with hashtags like, 'epidemic' and 'crisis' in the descriptions.

But are these claims founded in facts? Is there an epidemic of violence against whites perpetrated by blacks?

To find out, let's start with the year 2020 and up. Since that's when the posts about violence against whites started to appear online. Elon musk made this way of thinking popular. By making several posts about US media and schools for being 'racist against whites and Asians'. Then soon after posted a graphic about how white South Africans are suffering violent assaults perpetrated by black South Africans. He of course left out the decades of brutal oppression by SA whites backed up by violence during apartheid.

By the numbers. Up to date statistics are hard to come by. The FBI only releases hate crime numbers from the year (or two) before. Not to mention, up to 40% of police agencies do not participate in FBI statistics.

News article statistics are no easier to pin down. The numbers vary by source. And news platforms tend to use the same 'year before last' FBI numbers.

Is it a 'thing'?

Annual government surveys from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show no recent increase in the U.S. violent crime rate. In 2021, the most recent year with available data, there were 16.5 violent crimes for every 1,000 Americans ages 12 and older. That was statistically unchanged from the year before, below pre-pandemic levels and far below the rates recorded in the 1990s, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Source

Hate crimes rose by 12% between 2020 and 2021, according to an updated 2021 dataset recently released by the FBI. Hate crimes against Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders increased the most, rising from 15 in 2020 to 48 in 2021, a 220% increase. The second largest increase was among Asian people, with hate crimes rising from 330 in 2020 to 820 in 2021, a 148% increase. Arab Americans saw the third largest increase (54%). While anti-Black hate crimes decreased 1% between 2020 and 2021, it’s important to note that anti-Black bias was still the most-reported type of hate crime in 2021, representing 31% of all cases. As for racial backgrounds of known offenders, white Americans were the most common hate crimes perpetrators, at 52%, followed by Black Americans at 22%. For comparison, white Americans comprised 59% of the US population, and Black Americans made up 19%. The races of 16% of known offenders were unavailable. Source

Is violence against whites a up?

Google 'violent crime s against whites', 'is Violent crime against whites on the rise'? and 'hate crimes against whites 2023' like I did you'll get a load of .govs; bjs, ojp, doj, fbi, pdf files and a multitude of other sources.

So, for the sake of simplicity, I'll only use sources we all know and trust. Statistics websites, along with a combination of FBI and news article stats. I'll stick to naming the most up to date then link the source.

FBI’s crime data from 2011 to 2020 (the most recent data available) and found that African Americans bear an increasingly large share of the harm from crime. African American offenders, meanwhile, are committing an increasingly large share of violent crimes.

For other racial groups, the numbers are either decreasing (in the case of both white victims and offenders), increasing by much smaller amounts, or holding constant. Source

Some 948 of the reported crimes were motivated by anti-white bias, while there were 543 incidents targeting gay males and another 415 incidents involving members of the broader LGBTQ community. Source

This article from was the only stat I found that would substantiate white claims that violent crime against them is on the rise. But in the same article violent hate crime was up across most ethnic people as well. Anti-Asian, Anti-Pacific Islanders and Anti-black violent crime being up the most.

And there are no glaring articles proclaiming that violent crime against whites is on the rise.

This article from backs up the Reuters by stating that... 'According to the Reuters news agency, the top reported hate crime categories were anti-Black, anti-white, anti-gay male, anti-Jewish and anti-Asian'. Meaning Anti-white hate crime s are being taken into account.

And lastly, I went to typed in 'violence against white people' clicked on 'prevalence rate of violent crime in the United States by race'.

The most up to date data is from 2014-2022. In 2021, around 0.94 percent of white Americans experienced one or more violent victimizations. In that same year, 1.13 percent of Black or African American people were the victims of a violent crime.

But in all of these sources, whites were still the number one perpetrators or violent hate crimes.

Although all reasons for hurting someone is wrong. There is a big difference between assault and murder. As well as a big difference between assaulting or killing someone because of their race. then doing so for another reason.

Is it fair? Or karma?

Violence against African Americans perpetrated by whites is well known and well documented.

During slavery: Hangings, Tarring and feathering, lynched, murdered, branded, rape, castration,

During Reconstruction: Lynchings, KKK campaigns of terror

During Jim crow: and the civil rights movement, dogs, lynchings, hoses, bombings

During the second half of the 20th century: Killings, Assassinations, Beatings

During the 21 century: Mass shootings, Hate crimes, police Shootings,

All violence is wrong. But let's be real.

Whites are not being hung or killed in mass by roaming lynch mobs of blacks. They're not being killed by racist black cops, or tard or feathered by large groups of blacks, sprayed with high powered hoses, or being dragged to death by pickup trucks.

From what I can tell they're being physically assaulted or getting beaten up in a fight. Most of the violence posts has nothing to do with race at all. One happens to be white the other black and usually in these posts the black one is assaulting the white one.

They're not being hunted down by African Americans and slaughtered on mass.

But do whites have a valid complaint about violence being used against them? Yes. Even the smallest amount of violence is wrong.

Whites may feel as if they're being assaulted on mass by blacks but other than a few social media post they is no hard evidence that this violence against them is on the rise.

Asians are complaining too. Attacks against Asians are on the rise. But unlike whites, Asians' have statistics to back up that claim. And of those attacks' blacks are the primary perpetrators.

Are white complaints about violence perpetrated against them by blacks overreaching based on the numbers? Are whites simply compiling clips online just to make a point? Are they promoting Fake outrage? based on the lack of evidence, yes.

We've all seen the outcome of violence. It is brutal, bloody, and takes generations to forgive and recover from mentally. It should never be used against anyone of any race for any reason. Regardless of race.

Violence is never the answer. Unfortunately, it took white people centuries to realize that (though based on hate crime stats some still use it against blacks).

For the whites who think violence against whites as a whole is on the rise is 'a thing' My hope is now they have a better understanding of the fear and anxiety that African Americans have had for centuries now.

Now I ask you the reader...

Based on the extreme violence that was perpetrated against African Americans by whites for centuries (Although nowhere near the same levels), is the violence in their heads a taste of karma? Is it fair?

Leave your comments below. Or if you have statistics to back up white claims that violence against them is on the rise, please provide them below.

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