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Systemic Racism in Mass Shootings

Cities with higher numbers of Black residents and more segregated neighborhoods are more likely to have mass shootings due to the effects of structural racism. Source

"This study found that major US cities with higher populations of Black individuals are more likely to be affected by MSEs, suggesting that structural racism may have a role in their incidence. Public health initiatives aiming to prevent MSEs should target factors associated with structural racism to address gun violence," the article, titled "Association Between Markers of Structural Racism and Mass Shooting Events in Major US Cities," read. Fox News

According to a study published in the journal JAMA Surgery, mass shootings in major metropolitan areas in the United States disproportionately affect Black people, and structural racism may play a role. Source

Researchers at Tulane University analyzed data relating to the 51 largest metropolitan areas, including demographic and income data as well as reports of mass shootings from 2015 to 2019 compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.

The study found that in areas with higher Black populations, mass shootings are likelier to occur compared to communities with higher White populations.

There are also more Black people injured and killed when mass shootings take place.


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