Anti blackness in the Hispanic-serving community college (HSCC) context:

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This qualitative longitudinal study explored the experiences of Black males attending a public, two-year, community college Hispanic-serving community college (HSCC) in Southern California. Drawing on the perspective of HSCCs as reflecting a colonial relationship between whites and Students of Color, we outline specific forms of anti-Black racism that include the rejection of Black intellectualism, presumed ownership of Blacks’ intellectual and material property, and psychological violence and rejection of Black suffering. We articulate a need for researchers to attend to institutionalized forms of anti-Blackness across structurally diverse institutional contexts – as well as predominantly white ones – and a need to articulate realities that exist outside the ‘settler colonial logics’ that permeate higher education.

KEYWORDS: AntiblacknessHispanic-Serving Community Colleges (HSCCs)colonialism

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