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A multilevel meta-analysis of effects of negative stereotypes of blacks in media on consumers’ attit


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This meta-analysis of 49 studies, yielding 88 effect sizes (n = 10,215), examined the effect of negative stereotypes of Blacks in media on consumers’ attitudes. The results from the multilevel model (3-level) indicate that media stereotypes have a significant overall effect on consumers’ attitudes (r = .22, p < .001). This meta-analysis used multilevel multivariate models and meta-regression models to systematically investigate moderation of effect sizes by diversity in stimuli, dependent measures, research designs, sample demographics, and publication status. The results showed a consistent significant association between media stereotypes and attitudes across all moderator variables. Measures for attitudes in the subcategory of judgment showed larger effect sizes for the association between Black media stereotypes and consumers’ attitudes. Theoretical development, publication bias, and limitations are discussed. The entire database and codes for statistical procedures in R syntax is available from the Open Source Foundation (OSF) repository: https://osf.io/y8ndx/?view_only=dc6ecf5e18bf4fd883f0a396613022e0

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