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Whenever I've asked a black female this question they usually get angry and standoffish.

Their most usual responses are, "I protects are hair." Or "Why do you care? Its nunnya buizness!" Or "Cause we can do anything we want to do."

But I have ran into black females and not so sensitive (and with such an attitude). And gotten some of the same responses as in the article below.

Women of all kinds have been wearing hair pieces since ancient Egyptian times. But it wasn’t until the ‘70s and ‘80s that African-American women took over the trend. As faux hair became popular, new styles and types arose, with weaves being the most popular to this day. Since then, the weave business has become a $9 billion industry. The desire among African-American women to look “good” makes them spend however much they need to achieve that goal. According to the 16th annual “Buying Power of Black America” Report published by Target Market News, a leading group focused on African-American marketing, advertising and media, African-Americans spent $507 billion of their estimated buying power of $836 billion on hair care and personal grooming items in 2009. That’s a $72 billion dollar difference from that spent in 2008. With such high numbers, it’s no surprise that the weave industry is so lucrative. But when it comes to weaves, prices vary depending on the amount, length and texture used, as well as on the client’s location. In general, getting weaves can range from about $200 to $10,000. So why do African-American women spend so much on hair that doesn’t even grow from their own heads?

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