Twitch streamer sparks controversy for racist stereotyping during broadcast

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Twitch streamer ‘iGUMDROP’ was in the middle of an outing with a friend when the two came upon a bystander on the sidewalk, who was of African American descent. The bystander was leaning up against a partition while speaking loudly on his cell phone, using a racial expletive that incited a controversial reaction from the duo. The two quickly ran away from the stranger as though frightened, with the camerawoman shouting, “Hold your purse!” while clutching her bag to her chest. iGUMDROP followed shortly behind, appearing to laugh at her friend’s antics as they made their way down the sidewalk. The two streamers have since garnered ample criticism online for the incident, with users across Reddit decrying their actions as blatantly racist. “This is actually one of the most racist things I've seen on Twitch,” one user wrote. “This is literally directly in front of a black guy, two girls running away and saying hold your purse. What the fuck, he must feel pretty shit he actually saw them do this.” “I was about to defend them because he might have said something bad, but looking back at the clip, he was literally just standing there talking on the phone normally, not bothering anyone,” another commenter said of the matter. “This is just straight up racist.”

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