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The first time I was called a nigger, it was by a white female in my home town of kentucky. The last time I was called that was by a gay dude that I was debating online. In between that first and last time a war has been brewing for years. A war between whites and minority groups on who can call me nigger the most. From the first tine on. Whites held a definite lead. But over the decades, minority groups have tied it up and as of only recently taken the lead. Growing up around white people in kentucky, I knew that they preferred to say that behind my back. Not wanting to take the risk of being outed as a racist, or assaulted by me. But I've noticed (particularly during my time in new york). That minority groups like gays, Latinos and Asians, have been much less caring about being labeled 'racist', in front of other people. And much less concerned about any consequences that may follow. I've also noticed that their eyes are just as seething with pure hatred as the white people eyes are. And they both (minority groups and whites), share the same excuse when it comes to their racism. Saying 'Oh I got that from my parents'. Or, 'Thats my father talking'. But either way, shape color or reason why, it hurts. Don't get me wrong now. I have pretty tough skin. But to be up against racist from each demographic on the planet, instead of only one. Is a talk order for anyone to take on. I was only 12 when that white female called me a 'nigger'. Looking back. I thought white people had the monopoly on racism. But now. looking back on the last time that was said to me. I know now that is far from the truth. #amazing #love #instagood #photooftheday #beautiful #picoftheday #instadaily #followme #instalike #smile #bestoftheday #like4like #follow #style #follow4follow #food #happy #summer #igers #girl #photography #nature #cute #fashion #instagram #travel #swag #instacool #look #fun Latinos, kentucky, lgbt, racism, whyareyougay

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