Substitute teacher banned from district after allegedly making racist comments to students

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

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A substitute teacher was escorted from a school in Springfield, Mo., and banned from teaching in the district after being accused of making racist threats to two students.

“The teacher tells them, ‘I was told to shoot you black boys. You black boys are nothing but trouble,'” Hawkins told the local Missouri outlet. “[My son] just looked at [the teacher] and he couldn’t believe what he was saying. He was like, ‘Wow.’ He didn’t know if he should run.”

"I constantly hear white ask. 'Why do blacks always play the race card'? And i tell them. I racism didn't exist, we wouldn't bring it up." -jonathan donnell riley

Full Article Link https://finance.yahoo.com/news/substitute-teacher-banned-district-allegedly-making-racist-comments-students-181026043.html

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