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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

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True story.

Me, my nigga Hurley, my dawg Delricus and this nigga nu nu. We all in the car passin around a 5th of KT (Kentucky Tavern). We not drunk but we buzzin. A 5th gets alot smaller when four people are on it.

We talking and bullshitin like we usually do. In the front seats, Hurley driven. Sucking on his thumb while he talking like he always does. Ricus talkin bout some bitch he smashed like he always does. And in the back seat, Nu nu holdin on to the bottle too long like he always does. And me, I'm tellin him to pass that shut like I usually do.

We aint goin nowhere particular. We just ridin. The car we in is owned by the bitch im fuckn wit. Me and my niggas stay in some bitch car. We out of the city part of town. Now we out here in the country part. Corn, tabacostalks, and fields. Then this nigga nu nu was like 'Lets get some weed'. 'We ain got no money'. Hurley says. 'Man we gotta get some weed somehow nigga, I'm feenin back here'.

We ride around for a while. We stop at the light. Some white boys in a black truck pulled up beside us. Nu nu rolls his window down and asked them do they got some bud. The white boy was like yeah and told us to pull over with them to a graveled field.

While we were pullin over, Hurley was like 'How you gon get weed an you ain got no money'? Then nu nu says, 'Man, I'ma rob these white boys'. Ricus was like, 'Wit what? you aint got shit on you'. then nu nu was like 'Man, I'ma just snatch the shit out his hand when the show it to me'.

I said. Man, thats some stupid shit. Nu nu was like, 'Na it ain't. they just white boys. WTF they gonna do'?

So we pull off the road and on to the graveled field. Nu nu and Hurley get out the car. Me and Delricus both is like, 'I ain't wit that shit.' So we stay in the whip.

After a couple minutes. Hurley waves to me and Ricus to get out of the car. We reluctantly do so. Then walk over to the black truck. Nu nu and the other white boy was off the to side. Talkin about whatever. Hurley had cooked up some scheme and was usin me and Ricus to back up his lie. When he finished we just nodded our heads and said yes.

That's when I noticed the white boy in the truck was gripping the most beautiful black nine with a shiny chrome chamber. I also notice the white boy sittin in the trunk has a mean look on his face.

I couldn't take my eyes off the piece. It was perfect for me and I wanted it. You ever think about sellin that? I ask him. Without even lookin at me he just shook his head no. I don't remember what all Hurley said to this guy. But whatever it was, made him upset and grip his gun really tight. I'm thinkin if I grab the gun, Ricus will help me pry his hands up off it. All of a sudden I hear nu nu and the white boy both raise their voices.

That shifted my attention away from taking the gun and made me lose my nerve. Their growing tempered also reminded me of how stupid this was and that I wasnt wit it. On cue, me and Ricus head back to the car. Leaving Hurley and nu nu to do whatever it is they're doin.

We sit in the car for a couple minutes when nu nu hops in the back seat. Yo wassup? I ask him. 'Nothing. I'm good'. He says. Ricus turns around and ask him did he get the bud. But nu nu didn't have time to answer. The whiteboy was arguing with starts knocking on the window on nu nu's side. Yelling at him to get out of the car. Behind him I can see Hurley talking with his hand like he was explaining himself.

Nu nu doesn't move or speak. He just sitting here leoking forward try his best to ignore the white boy. Questions to nu nu about WTF was going on went unanswered. Then, the white boy says something like, 'Ok you wanna fuck with me'? Or 'Ok that's how you want it.' or something like that and he walks away. Me and Ricus decide to get out of the car to find out what's going on. And to get Hurley's dumb ass back in the car so we can get the hell out of here.

We hop out and make our way to Hurley. We only walk a free feet when the white boy that nu nu was arguing with, comes from behind the truck holding a big, black, shotgun. I don't know what his beef was with me and Ricus but he points the thing straight at us.

The round hole at the end of the barrel where the bullet comes out, is the size of a black sun. I have never had a rifle pointed at me before. A rush of terror jumped into my body. Ricus through up his hands. I start walking sideways in order to get out of the way of the gun.

'Tell your boy to get out of the car and give me my shit!' He screams. Ricus was like. 'Man. IDK what you talkin about. I didn't do shit!' he says this while stepping to the side as well. The white boy shifts his aim back and forth from Ricus to I. Hurley starts pleading his case attempting to calm the white boy down and promising to get his shit back.

He walks over to the car, and starts yelling at nu nu to get out. But nu nu doesn't budge. And when Hurley tries to open his side of the door it was locked. He had to open the front door in order to talk to him.

Around this time, the white boy with that beautiful nine got out of his truck. He's standing in front of his driver side window. Gun to his side just staring at us. The other white boy's walking and forth from his friend to our car. He's talking to us, his fiend and to himself. Saying things like 'Fuck that! All I want is my shit back.' And 'Y'all mother fuckers got us confused.'

I was waiting for him to call us the N-word, but he never did.

Finally, Hurley walks over to him and hands him what nu nu had taken. The white boy lowers his weapon and preaches to Hurley about respect and peoples property. He allows us all to get back in our car and leave.

A couple years later, I got locked up for some BS. While in the 'drunk tank' I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the white boy (the one with the shotty) sitting there. Watching tv. I walk up to him. I think about punching him. Or shmackin him. Or embarrassing him somehow. He's not a big guy. And I know I can take him. But I thunk on it some more. And in my head was like, na man. He didnt do nothin wrong. He stood up for his and held it down. A level of respect replaced any plans to harm him.

I say. Hi, remember me. He takes one glance at me. Then looks back at the television an says, 'Yeah, I remember you. How's your boy'? I guessed he was referring to nu nu. When I didn't reply he looks over at me and smiles. I return one. Then we go over what happened that day. I remember him saying 'Me and my boy were high as shit off X that day. I'm tweekn heavy. And I was like. Man. I'ma let these mother fuckers take my shit? Na...Na.'

'Lets rob those white boys' -by jonathan deez nut riley