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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

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My name is jonathan. I was in jail. For what reason is not important. Jail teaches you things. And it taught me how to defeat racism in america as a black man. The days pass slowly in jail. Many things are done to past the time. Some play cards. Some watch television. Some sleep. Or workout. Others play chess. It was this game that taught me how to achieve victory over racism in america. And although this action could not be achieved by minorities many decades ago, because of the shift in power, it can be done far more easily during this day and age and beyond. 

I was one of those inmate who passed the time by sleeping. But this day i was restless. So decided to come out of my cell and sit in the day room. 

Another inmate whom i did not know asked me if i knew how to play chess and if so would i play against him. I said i did and that i would play. And the game began. 

After a few ceremonial moves by our pawns, we began to spread our more powerful pieces over the board. At the time i played the game by the rules as i knew them. As was my adversary. After a move i had made he protested that it was illegal and was not allowed to be done. I was confused and disagreed with his call. But instead if arguing with him i simply set the piece back in its original place and chose another strategy. When i had done so i asked him, 'is this allowed'? Not in a sarcastic way. But in an inquisitive, genuine manner. 

He approved the move and we played on. Low and behold my adversary objected to another move that i had made with another powerful piece. A move that i had made dozens of times over the years and never had heard an objection from my former adversary's. It was not so long ago before this game. That i had learned to keep my emotions in check. Particularly in a jail environment, where disagreements over one frivolous topic can easily lead to violence and punishment respectively. 

As the game continued so did the objections to the moves that I'd make. Three more times my adversary objected. Three more times in my confusion held my own objections and emotions about these 'rules' that were instituted. And three more times after i had made a move with a powerful piece, i asked my advisory before releasing said piece from my hands and onto its new place on the board, 'is this move OK'? And only after his approval did i plot my next course of action. 

The chess game went back and forth for a while. My adversary and i were on par as far as skill level. With the both of us being average players. My only handicap was the abrupt changes in several rules. Which forced me to switch my strategy on the fly. But i was good with that stuff. My upbringing in volatile situations and circumstances had trained me mentally very well. This training gave me the ability gave me the ability to adjusted to the new rules without much of a lapse in time. 

I do not know when i began to take over the game. But i do recall my advisory taking a long time to make his move. I also recall as i waited on him this rush of satisfaction came over me. And then a rush of joy when he made a move that was contrary to one of the rules that he had made. I do recall the feeling of controlled elation while pointing out to my advisory that he had broken his own rule. The movements that he made when putting his powerful piece back to its original place. And i can still see the look of confusion on his face of not knowing what move he make to win the game. 

Two more turns and it was over. I had won the game. My adversary was beaten by his own rules in which he set. He congratulated me. 'Good game'. He said.  Then shook a partial of my hand. In controlled excitement, i thanked him for the game. Went back to my cell and slept till lunch arrived.


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