This black owned animation studio is the No.1 Trending company on Wefunder and we are here for it! @blacksandsentertainment has been working on their series Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms for the last three years. After numerous successful kickstarters, the launch of their DVD, and major partnerships with industry veterans, they decided to raise capital for their company to expand. The results were incredible. In just a week since their launch, they have raised over $240,000 dollars and have over 600 investors from the black community. When asked about their success, the CEO Manuel Godoy states, "I guess black people are sick and tired of slave movies." Funny, since their literal slogan is "No more slave movies, time for kings!" If you want to check out their campaign, click the link in @blacksandsentertainment bio or throw them a DM. https://www.whytheracecardisplayed.co...

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