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First. What is MGTOW all about?

MGTOW stands for ‘Men Going Their Own Way’. In this movement, men voluntarily choose to not get into marriage or relationships with women for one or more of the following reasons:

Gynocentric laws: Laws of almost all countries are designed in a way that favors women.

Rape or domestic violence accused men are considered guilty until proven innocent, even in case of false rape or violence accusations, women are never penalized and if they fail to prove their innocence, their entire life is ruined.

The court system mostly favors women in case of divorces. Men end up paying alimony and child support.

What are the demographics of MGTOW?

Years ago it was mostly middle age mostly white upper income men with college degrees.

Now it's more young men of all races but still tends to attract more educated men and those with successful careers and businesses.

What proportion of MGTOW are black?

We are not at a stage yet where MGTOW is being taken seriously enough for such statistics to be gathered. Couple that with the fact that those who follow MGTOW must be discreet in their beliefs due to persecution it would be impossible to come to any meaningful number. What I can say after being a part of the community for a number of years is that we are legion. There are no color lines, not political lines, no religious lines, no lines at all. All men who want a better life for themselves without the drama and waste are welcome. I have encountered a number of self professed black men among the group online. I would suspect that their demographic within MGTOW is probably on par with their demographic in society as a whole.

Is MGTOW racist as well?

Let me start by saying that there is a difference between the concept of MGTOW, and the typical American MGTOW which dominates the online sphere.

By the looks of it, a good minority or a majority of them in America essentially are right or alt-right people. There are threads in their forums that start by some terrorist attack, and go as far as they would kill all Muslims and their families and brothers and sisters and parents just because they are Muslim, and nobody argues otherwise. Well, at that point you may be middle eastern and be killed anyways because even if you are atheist they think you are Muslim

Using terms like goat fuckers for middle easterns is commonplace in their forums, while fact is actual goat fuckers are mostly European and the majority of bestiality happens in the USA itself, so really the joke is on themselves.

I could have loved the concept of MGTOW, but unfortunately, a lot of them have a very creepy understanding of the world, thinking that they are good, middle eastern are a bunch of uncivilized barbarians, etc, etc.

I would note here that today’s racism and ignorance is selective, so just because someone has a black friend or is black or has a colored TV, does not mean they do not want all Iranians dead, or they wouldn’t applaud Japanese. They may not care at all if all Koreans who happen to be a bit more North die out in a nuke raid, but they may not really want that to occur to Koreans who happen to be a bit more South. Either way, their value for humanity changes according to things like Nationality or birthplace, which are major types of racism.

What fears me most is not ignorance, but selective ignorance of smart people, which is a complex modern form of racism. Ignorance is naivety. Selective ignorance is malicious.

These MGTOW are really smart people who can SEE THE TRUTH, but they do fail miserably to see world politics as such, the fact that it is the US that invaded over 50 countries in the last 70 years; Not going to get into the details of that. But a smart person who is ignorant that selective way is the worst type and the most malicious one, and as someone with middle-eastern origins, extremist feminists make me afraid, western governments make me afraid, naive ignorance of women make me afraid, and MGTOW make me afraid too. All of them apparently want me and my family screwed over without me doing anything wrong.

ALL THAT SAID, I would also call myself a “man going [their] own way” but not distancing myself only from government or extremist feminist policies or women who may take legal advantage, I would have to distance myself also from other MGTOW because of their racism, or rather generally harsh view of what a man must be (Like you have take their shit apparently to be a man. If you are a sensitive man who has manners and doesn’t curse in every post, they would think you are some woman posed as a man to receive information from them. I am not saying they are paranoid, because that apparently happens, but they are still quite rude people!).

In a nutshell, I think their attitude lies in that spectrum that they would judge and generalize people based on their nationality or birthplace very readily.

Last but not least, today’s West enemy is brown people of middle east, and thus those people are the majority that are demonized by the media and racist people. A lot of people are past being racist that extreme way (Like kill all that goat fuckers, sort of attitude) against Hispanics, Blacks, or Chinese. So, when I hear someone say no I am not racist because I have a black friend, either they do not understand today’s racism or are simply defensively in denial, the former is naive ignorance which is tolerable, the latter is smart selective ignorance which is malicious and thus scary.

Is MGTOW just for white men? (opinion)

Not only is the philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way for all men, but one can argue that Black men started this thing.

It’s not precisely true, but it’s true enough.

Black men are the canaries in the coal mine for the destruction of the nuclear family by Female Supremacists. They’re on the front lines of this massive societal screw-up, and we rely upon them for news from our horrific dystopian future. Well, black men & the nightly news.

Paul Proteus was one of the earliest MGTOW & is still HUGELY respected by anyone who knows anything about the philosophy.

Black men are often going their own way, but they also have an offshoot/parallel/aligned philosophy called “IBMOR” aka “Independent Black Men of Reason.”

No, black men love going their own way; they produce some of the most awesome content due to how bad black women can be to men. ]

There is a series of Indian movements related to going your own way (women in India better hope men choose that path as some are quite dangerous), the Japanese have been Herbivore for a long time now, in China 'leftover women’ are increasing fast, European content producers are heavy into monk mode improvements, and in Latin america the guys are beginning to find their own unique voice.

Final thoughts. Because white men possess more power and resources than minorities in the United States. Caucasian men ‘going their own’ presents more of a challenge and more of a threat for females to. Because females are attracted to, and seek men with more resources than others, Caucasian men have more of an upper hand and therefore are taken more seriously by females. If white men were not apart of the MGTOW philosophy, and did not promote as such online. The mainstream media (and particularly females), would not take the ideals and complaints of these men as seriously as they would if MGTOW were made up of primarily minority males. This is not just one man's opinion.

These conclusions are taken from data based on dating sites, and natural selecti