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Another Southlake Caroll Racist Video


Video submitted to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram shows students in Southlake, Texas saying the n-word including two Southlake Caroll students. In Oct 2018, a similar video was circulated of students at a Southlake school chanting the n-word. The notion of different cultures melting into one has been applied to America almost since its founding. But with almost every new day we’re besieged by old thinking. There are simply a lot of base elements in this melting pot that have yet to soften. Thus, a second disturbing Internet video of at least one white Southlake Carroll student chanting the n-word repeatedly in a car with several other youths — including one other Carroll student — after a similar video shocked the community and the conscience last fall. #whytheracecardisplayed https://whytheracecardisplay.wixsite....

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