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When I was studying #psychology at @ucsc I learned about numerous studies involving children and skin color, as well as Jane Elliott's blue eye brown eye classroom experiment that many people have probably heard of #racism #media #learned #children #blacklivesmatter Reposted from @chididdy26 and @mister_imhotep - "self love is at the root of a healthy life. Black people are taught to hate themselves. We don't even have the choice. We come here and everything tells us that we are not good enough. And when we are lucky enough to grow up in a healthy environment, racist will try to destroy us and force that narrative upon us. That is why this is important. The people who are not black can't understand this because they can't experience it and never experienced it. But they try to teach us how we're supposed to feel or heal. You can't teach people something that you can't understand. In abusive relationships there's always a moment of friction, when people decide not to tolerate it anymore. People start to tell the truth. That's part of the process. People are mad at first, because it is uncomfortable to hear all these negative things about themselves, then at the end they understand why it is necessary to go through that friction. The world is changing, evolving. And nothing it's going to stop at evolution." #regrann #whytheracecardisplayed


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